09 Massive Wheeled Loaders 1

09 Massive Wheeled Loaders 1


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Massive Wheeled Loaders shows some of the larger and more impressive wheeled loaders working in surface mines and quarries in Europe and the UK. The focus with Part One is on machines from Caterpillar, Liebherr and Volvo. In the companion programme, Part Two, we look at monsters from Hitachi, LeTourneau and Komatsu.

The stars in Massive Wheeled Loaders Part One are two 180-tonne Cat 994s loading limestone in the Carrières d’Antoing limestone quarry, Belgium.

These are the largest wheeled loaders made by Caterpillar, and the size and power of these superb workhorses are enthralling. They regularly load 35 tonnes or more, and soon after we filmed them the two machines were axed for ‘smaller’ wheeled loaders. Other Cats included in the programme are a 988H and 992G, and at a French limestone quarry we filmed a 130-tonne 993K – another machine that has since been stood down.

Liebherr’s largest wheeled loader is the L586. We see one of these working in a spectacularly beautiful white marble quarry in the mountains at Carrara, Italy.

We remain in Carrara to see the 50-tonne Volvo L350F, while another one works at the Melton Ross chalk quarry in England moving up to 2,500 tonnes a day to the crusher.

This 75-minute programme in number nine in the Massive Machines series of DVDs.

Researched and scripted by Steven Vale, this programme was filmed by Roger Wiltshire and directed by Jonathan Theobald. Narrated by David Holt, this DVD was produced by Old Pond Publishing in 2012.

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